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Why should the new energy charging pile in the community check and maintain often?

Release time: 2022-06-21人气:

This paper introduces six key elements of the maintenance of charging pile in the community。The electric car is a very popular means of transportation for modern office workers。Charging the battery car is a problem that needs to be solved, and the electric charging station in the community can solve this problem well。Six points to consider during the charging process of daily charging stations in residential areas。Community charging station manufacturers will give you a brief introduction to these six maintenance elements。

First, pay attention to protect the charger when charging the electric charging station in the community。

2.Pay attention to timely charging when charging at the electric charging station in the community。

3.The ambient temperature of the charging station is 25。

4.Pay attention to timed deep discharge when charging at the charging station in the community。

5.When charging at the electric charging station in the community, pay attention to making full use of the maintenance conditions。Many dealers of electric vehicles can provide battery maintenance services, and these services should be made full use of。

6.The electric charging station in the community needs to be charged every day。

With the growth of new energy vehicles, electric vehicle charging piles continue to be put into use。With the promulgation of the new national standard, it involves the charging standard, interface standard, communication protocol and so on。So far, there has been a unified charging interface and communication protocol standard for electric vehicles in China。At the same time, in order to ensure the charging compatibility of new energy electric vehicles, some relevant measures have been added, such as electric vehicle charging pile isolation protection, charging temperature control, mechanical lock and electronic lock linkage, overload short-circuit protection, etc。Further improve the charging control guidance and timing, fault classification information, redundancy protection and other related content, improve the adaptability and operability of the standard。

Electric charging piles are often placed outdoors and powered by the grid, which inevitably causes voltage anomalies such as lightning strikes and surges。If the internal control circuit of the electric vehicle charging pile is not isolated, it will cause the internal circuit to burn out, resulting in short circuit or electric shock death of the electric vehicle charging pile。

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