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How to install electric vehicle charging pile in the community

Release time: 2019-01-08人气:

In the blink of an eye, new energy vehicles have become an uncommon experiment into a "street car" shuttling through the streets and alleys, and even the choice of some users。In addition to the promotion of policies, the rapid update and iteration of products and technologies is also an important reason。The electric vehicle army with environmental protection and intelligence as its selling point is constantly meeting the needs of users through the wave of "new modernization" of automobiles。

If technological innovation makes it possible for cars to evolve into a "new species", will charging stations be completely transformed into a new species in terms of infrastructure compared to traditional gas stations that have remained unchanged for decades?B: I think it has potential。

The development of technical routes such as charging, solar power generation, energy storage batteries, and the combination of charging and replacing electricity has provided countless evolutionary possibilities for the "hero" standing behind the electric vehicle。

Today, technology updates are no longer measured in "age", but in years or even half a year。Charging stations, as an important supporting facility for new energy vehicles, are not lagging behind。The future may even be dominated by electricity, not cars。We don't know what form it could evolve into, right。Perhaps, with the development of various technologies, having a private charging station for everyone will no longer be a dream。

Pu has been focusing on the new energy charging pile industry for many years, and has accumulated rich experience in research and development;d. Design and produce new energy charging pile, electric vehicle charging pile, fire emergency, eps centralized control system, EPS power cabinet and other products。Chongqing Haopu Electric Co., Ltd. main: electric vehicle charging pile and new energy vehicle charging pile。Provide floor type, wall mounted, vertical, mobile and other types of new energy vehicle charging pile。

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