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How much do you know about the common sense of charging piles?

Release time: 2019-01-08人气:

With the introduction of the new national standard regulations for electric vehicles, the regulations for electric bicycles are becoming more and more clear。Driven by new energy, as major capital enters the electric vehicle industry, the demand for electric vehicle charging continues to rise。Charging is just needed by the people, and the state encourages and regulates charging safety。Electric vehicle charging pile has become a necessary equipment, and it should also meet the needs of the people。The market will gradually sink from first - and second-tier cities to townships。

When you install electric vehicle charging piles in the community, the first thing to do is to confirm whether the charging conditions are met。For example, whether the community has a fixed parking space, whether the community electric vehicle charging pile is uniformly installed in the property?Generally speaking, if the property agrees, the basic can be installed。

Residential installation of electric vehicle charging pile need to apply for electricity。After signing the car purchase contract, you can apply to the power supply company in the area to install the cable。After getting the power supply scheme provided by the power supply company, you can go to the power supply company to go through the formalities within the validity period。

After the construction of electric vehicle charging pile in the community is completed, it is necessary to apply to the power supply company for acceptance。After acceptance, the power supply company can do the work of installing the meter and connecting the electricity, and then it can be charged。

After that, it is also very important to choose a good smart charging pile for electric vehicles。There are many electric vehicle charging stations on the market now。Which type of charging pile should we choose?It may be that for some electric vehicle charging piles, they prefer cheap ones, because they do not know which electric vehicle charging piles are good and which are not good, so they simply choose cheap ones, and maybe they can pick up a big bargain。For this little white novice, I now offer you a way to choose a smart and safe electric vehicle charging pile。

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