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The new energy vehicle charging pile is equipped with a cooling device

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The utility model relates to a heat dissipation component of a new energy automobile charging pile and a new energy automobile charging pile,The heat dissipation component of the new energy vehicle charging pile comprises a constant module and a heat dissipation module,The heat dissipation module comprises a mounting frame and an electric fan arranged on the mounting frame,The electric fan is provided with a wiring terminal,The constant module comprises a constant frame and a PCB adapter board, The mounting rack can be damaged and mounted on an unchanging frame,The power of the electric fan continues through the terminal and PCB adapter board。 The mounting frame can be destroyed and placed on an immutable frame with a PCB adapter board。The PCB adapter board is electrically connected to the fan mounted on the mounting frame。When the fan is blocked, remove the wiring terminal from the PCB adapter board, and then remove the mounting frame from the fixed frame to replace the fan。There is no need to cut off the power supply and remove the wire during the destruction process, which facilitates the damage and protection of the fan。

According to the identification information of the current new energy vehicle charging pile, the application status of the current new energy vehicle charging pile is questioned, and the current application status is reflected to the user。In the current application state, the current new energy vehicle charging pile can be used for a long time, and the charging operation of the current new energy vehicle charging pile can be mastered for the current user application。

The body of the new energy vehicle charging pile and the external wall or column are unchanged, and the intelligent charging socket and fire protection component are unchanged and continuous on the body of the new energy vehicle charging pile。The fireproof electric bicycle charging pile for new energy vehicles is provided with a fireproof box next to the intelligent charging socket on the charging pile body for new energy vehicles for electric bicycles。When charging, the owner has to arrange the charger in the fireproof box, and the fireproof switch is arranged in the fireproof box, so that the intelligent charging socket will only open the charging port to charge the electric bicycle when it feels that the charger is in the fireproof box。

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