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Bajie Sports is a new energy high-end intelligent charging pile equipment manufacturer integrating scientific research, design, manufacturing and sales. It is committed to providing professional and comprehensive charging equipment and integrated solutions for the construction of charging operation stations for the improvement of energy efficiency and energy saving and emission reduction。

The company's predecessor was earlier engaged in the development of electric vehicle charging station equipment,Charging equipment of domestic electric power enterprises and electric vehicle manufacturing enterprises,He has extensive technical research and experience in the construction of electric vehicle charging schemes and charging facilities,The company is responsible for drafting and participating in the formulation of more than 40 national and charging industry standards,Ability to tailor to customers,Products with stable quality to win the trust of customers。

The company relies on professional technical foundation, rich management experience, advanced manufacturing equipment and the correct grasp of international electrical trends, for customers to produce exquisite workmanship, excellent quality, elegant appearance and safe and durable electrical products。At present, it has successfully developed floor type AC charging pile, wall type AC charging pile, integrated DC charging pile, DC low-voltage charging pile, split type DC charging pile, AC and DC integrated charging pile, advertising integrated pile and so on,Is the industry's most complete product chain, the most complete enterprise,It has become the mainstream supplier of charging equipment for domestic power enterprises and electric vehicle manufacturers。

The company has a large-scale design of manufacturing process, advanced product inspection and test center, perfect testing means, the realization of information management, for product research and development, production and quality assurance to provide sufficient protection。The company has a group of high-quality technical and management personnel, the existing staff of more than 100 people, senior titles of more than 10 people, college and technical education and above accounted for more than 50%。The company strictly implements the ISO9001 quality management system standards, has established a perfect pre-sale, sale, after-sales service system and service process, sales and service network throughout the country 29 provinces and more than 40 countries and regions, to provide customers with timely, thoughtful high quality, standardized multi-directional service。

The charging series products of certain new energy charging piles have been tested by the National Grid Automation Equipment Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory, the National Smart grid client product (system) quality supervision and inspection center, the State Grid Electric Power Research Institute and other authoritative institutions,Excellent performance,Strong versatility,High degree of intelligence,At the same time, it integrates popular concepts such as Internet technology, App remote control, and credit card sales,It has excellent cost performance,Widely used in residential areas, enterprises, institutions, urban public transport and other fields。

At the end of 2020, certain new energy charging pile set up a branch in Spain, combined with the local advanced technology and component procurement advantages, set up a factory to design, produce and assemble charging piles, promote their own brand in the European and American markets, and officially enter the global market。The next few years,The goal of a new energy charging pile is to cover our electric vehicle charging stations all over the world,Become the world's largest charging network service and operator,Committed to providing green power in industrial and civil fields,Casting quality,As a pioneer and market leader in electric vehicle charging solutions,The company has a professional electric vehicle charging pile research and development technology and charging station construction team,With sophisticated technology and rich experience,The safety and quality of charging equipment installation is higher than that of peers,The company is confident to provide you with safe and perfect charging stations and charging services。

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